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Here you can access all the active bids from federal, state and local governments.
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Keyword:construction (Search title only)
Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Active Contracts

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1.  Construction Fencing-Water Works Develop.Proje
    State Minnesota
    Agency City of Minneapolis
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Jul 24, 2019
    State Hawaii
    Agency Department of the Navy
    Document Type Special Notice
    Solicitation No. N62742FY19GIF
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Jul 31, 2019
3.  various professional services including, but not limited to, waste water/sewer, levee dam repairs and inspections, historic register building remodel, mold/mildew/asbestos remediat...
    State Arkansas
    Agency Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Aug 20, 2019
4.  construction of a new approximately 1,650 square foot single story buildingon grade with minimal site work
    State Mississippi
    Agency State Government of Mississippi
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Sep 09, 2019
5.  Construction of Hospital Helipads in Croatia
    Agency Department of the Army
    Document Type Solicitation
    Solicitation No. W912GB19R0047
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Jul 29, 2019
6.  Barbed Wire Fence Construction - Montgomery County
    State Kansas
    Agency State Government of Kansas
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Aug 14, 2019
7.  Jemez RD Office Construction Project
    State New Mexico
    Agency Department of Agriculture
    Document Type Solicitation
    Solicitation No. 12837919R0002
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Aug 05, 2019
8.  statements of qualifications from architecture firms licensed to do business within the State of Arkansas to provide, design, construction observation and ancillary services, inclu...
    State Arkansas
    Agency Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    Posted on Jul 21, 2019
    Due by Aug 06, 2019
9.  RFP - Construction Management Services - 2 Seismic Upgrades
    State British Columbia
    Agency Government of British Columbia
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 15, 2019
10.  Hydrovac Slurry Storage Station Construction
    State Alberta
    Agency Government of Alberta
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 06, 2019
11.  Construction Manager for Galveston County Projects (2019)
    State Texas
    Agency Galveston County
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 15, 2019
12.  Request for Proposals: Trapper Creek, Design & Construction Management Services
    State Alaska
    Agency State Government of Alaska
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Sep 30, 2019
13.  Wade Martin Central Advising Construction
    State South Carolina
    Agency State of South Carolina - State Fiscal Accountability Authority(SFAA)
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 15, 2019
14.  Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery Phase 3 Expansion (Construction)
    State Ohio
    Agency Department of Veterans Affairs
    Document Type Sources Sought
    Solicitation No. 36C10F19Q0102
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 02, 2019
15.  Civil Engineering & Construction Management
    State Virginia
    Agency State Government of Virginia
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Jul 22, 2019
16.  North Lake Mann Neighborhood Sidewalk Construction
    State Florida
    Agency Orange County
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 20, 2019
17.  Matt Park Tennis Courts Construction
    State Georgia
    Agency State Government of Georgia
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 29, 2019
18.  I-18-4352 Reagan Memorial Tollway, Windsor Road Bridge Reconstruction, Construction Management
    State Illinois
    Agency State Government of Illinois
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 05, 2019
19.  Renovation of West Games of Court Sports, Lighting, Ticket and Mini-Golf Course - Ticket Kiosk Electrical Construction contract
    State New York
    Agency The New York State Contract Reporter
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Aug 27, 2019
20.  RFP for Architectural and Construction Administration Services-City Hall Finance Department Remodel
    State Iowa
    Agency City of Dubuque, IA
    Posted on Jul 19, 2019
    Due by Jul 23, 2019
740 Opportunities Found  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  Next  Last

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